International Protection and Asylum Policy International Protection and Asylum Policy
Completed Completed

Duration: May 2018 - April 2020

Experts involved: Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden

Because of the socio-political and economic situation in Venezuela,  more than 800 000 Venezuelan citizens have migrated to Peru and the country has become one of the main host countries for Venezuelans in need of international protection. The Special Commission for Refugees (CERP), chaired by the Director of Human Rights and Social Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has had to face a massive increase in asylum requests from Venezuelan citizens.

In this context, MIEUX collaborated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after receiving a request to enhance the capacity and quality of the Peruvian asylum services.

With the support of experts from different EU Member States institutions, training was provided  to eligibility officers and other stakeholders on inclusion, interview techniques, evidence assessment and Country of Origin Information (COI). Additionally, through a study visit to Spain and the Netherlands, Peruvian government officials were able to exchange on good practices of asylum procedures in the EU, especially at EU MS airports.