Lebanon: Diaspora Affairs, Migration and Development

Key facts

Requesting authority: Investment Development Authority of Lebanon
Experts involved: Ireland, Portugal
Time Frame: October 2015 - Décember 2018


To maximise the impact of Lebanese diaspora investment and activity in the socio-economic development of Lebanon. 


Activity 1: Identification of goals and capacities;  

Activity 2: Remote support to develop diaspora mapping terms of reference;

Activity 3: Technical workshop on mapping results and implications to strategy;

Activity 4: Introductory workshop on development of a diaspora direct investment strategy;

Activity 5: Drafting workshop on elaboration of a diaspora direct investment strategy;

Activity 6: Diaspora focus group/listening exercise and additional remote support (optional);

Activity 7: High-level forum on a diaspora direct investment strategy and implementation.

Results and outputs

  • Theoretical knowledge and practical skills on various aspects of diaspora engagement are transferred to Lebanese counterparts (including the ability to replicate the mapping exercise annually);
  • The capacities and capabilities of the relevant core group, to encourage diaspora in contributing to Lebanese socio-economic development, are developed and disseminated;
  • The inter-institutional cooperation, coordination and partnership on diaspora-related issues are strengthened;
  • Support is provided to the drafting of the mapping term of reference and engagement strategy; 
  • Recommendations on implementation modalities of the strategy are provided.


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