Dominican Republic II: Training Capacities Development

Key facts

Requesting authority: National Institute for Migration of the Dominican Republic(INM)
Experts involved: Mexico, Spain
Time Frame: February 2016-November 2018


Enhance the training and self-learning capacities of the Dominican Republic’s main migration authorities.


Activity 1: Fact-finding mission; 

Activity 2: Training of trainers on the methodology for developing curricula, conducting training and enhancing adult learning skills; 

Activity 3: Workshop on Quality Management of Capacity Building

Activity 4: Remote support to the development of a training curriculum on migration management

Activity 5: Workshop on Migration Governance and Implementation of Migration Policies

Activity 6 and 7: Training of Trainers on Migration Governance.

Results and outputs

  • Enhanced skills of the Dominican Republic authorities in the development of a national migration training curriculum; 
  • Training needs analysis will define specific areas for improvement within the national migration training system;
  • National School for Migration is supported with the development of its curriculum, adult-learning teaching methods and teaching modules/plans for its instructors; 
  • The Dominican Republic's national migration management system is boosted by provision of support to the National School for Migration;
  • Dialogue on migration education within the main Dominican Republic institutions is launched and facilitated by MIEUX, also bringing a positive impact on interagency coordination for institutions involved;
  • The Action is aimed at developing the National Institute's for Migration own capacities in the process of continuous improvement and sustainability in learning and teaching techniques within the National School for Migration under its patronage.


"The possibility to share and analyse good and bad practices from different countries helps the project to develop a high quality training and learning experience which will in the end benefit the whole society."

Ms. Dulce Anel Diaz Tapia
Director, Training Department, Mexican Institute for Migration 
MIEUX expert in the Dominican Republic 


Located in: Border management

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