Togo III: Diaspora Forum 2016

Key facts

Requesting authority: Joint request of the Inter-ministerial Committee on migration and development and the NGO Visions Solidaires
Experts involved: France, Mali, Portugal, Senegal (private)
Time Frame: July 2016 - April 2017


Support the Togolese Government in engaging diaspora communities with their country of origin, and in encouraging partnership building with relevant public authorities, the private sector and civil society organisations.


Assistance and expert input in the planning and facilitation of the Diaspora Forum in Lomé, Togo. 

Results and outputs

  • The understanding of and capacities to deal with diaspora-related challenges and benefits in Togo is improved in view of taking the necessary measures and actions in the sector
  • The capacities and capabilities of public authorities are improved, at institutional and inter-institutional levels, to identify and implement diaspora policy instruments in a participatory manner
  • The coordination, communication and cooperation on diaspora issues are improved between the Government and the diaspora associations, as well as with the EU/EU MS

Located in: Diaspora affairs

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