Rwanda: Border Management, Data Management

Key facts

Requesting authority: Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration (DGIE)
Experts involved: Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, private consultant
Time Frame: April 2013-July 2014


Support the implementation of Rwanda’s National Migration Programme, and, more specifically, the strengthening of the institutional setting for policy implementation.


Activity 1: Assessment of border management procedures and human capacities; 

Activity 2: Information session on data collection and information sharing;

Activity 3: Information session on criminal investigation techniques and migration-related crimes; 

Activity 4: Session on training strategy and training curriculum development;

Activity 5: Remote assistance to draft the training strategy;

Activity 6: Workshop to present the draft training strategy and Training of Trainers workshop; 

Activity 7: Workshop on migration data analysis. 

Results and outputs

  • Enhanced knowledge of the DGIE staff members in the area of training preparation, delivery and evaluation; 
  • Training development manual (the manual provides contextual information on recognised global training standards for border management agencies); 
  • Draft outline of the training curriculum for border immigration officers and front desk managers; 
  • Final training strategy and draft action plan for implementation;
  • Recommendations on how to improve migration data management; 
  • Enhanced knowledge of DGIE staff members in the areas of criminal investigation and migration-related crimes. 


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