Côte d'Ivoire I: Trafficking in Human Beings

Key facts

Requesting authority: Ministry of Development and Planning
Experts involved: Italy, Portugal
Time Frame: August 2012-November 2015


To support the efforts of Ivoirian authorities, mainly the Ministry of Development and Planning and Ministry of Interior, to set the basis for a first national strategy on the fight against human trafficking.


Activity 1: Mapping of Immigration and Human Trafficking authorities in Côte d’Ivoire and assessment of gaps and needs;

Activity 2: National seminar on counter-trafficking policy; 

Activity 3: Support for elaboration of a national strategy on human trafficking; 

Activity 4: National conference on the validation of the draft trafficking in human beings strategy.

Results and outputs

  • The current anti-trafficking response mechanisms mapped out;
  • An ad hoc coordination mechanism within the Ivoirian administration set up and inter-agency coordination strengthened;
  • A national dialogue on anti-trafficking and awareness-raising launched;
  • The national strategy on trafficking in human beings developed.