MIEUX team

Oleg Chirita
Head of Programme, Global Initiatives

Oleg joined ICMPD and the MIEUX team in April 2009. Since then, Oleg took up different duties and positions, currently acting as the Head of the Global Initiatives Programme, under which MIEUX+ sits.

A Moldovan and Romanian national, he studied International and European Law in Moldova, Sweden, Poland and Belgium. He got involved in migration in 2000 by volunteering in a local NGO preventing trafficking in human beings of women in Moldova. Before joining ICMPD, he worked for the Centre for Prevention of Trafficking in Women, UNHCR, ILO and the EU Delegation to Moldova.

Languages: Romanian (MT), Russian, English and French

Topics of interest: Nexus migration and development, migration policy, migration governance, labour migration, diaspora, capacity development

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