Resources to help MIEUX+ partners manage crisis

In times of crisis, migrants living, working, studying, traveling, or transiting the country may require assistance. Although migrants are resilient and resourceful, they often face specific vulnerabilities that can hinder their ability to ensure their own safety and wellbeing.

Currently, the ongoing war in Ukraine has triggered what has been dubbed the largest and fastest refugee movement in Europe since the end of World War II Europe is facing a refugee crisis initiated by the ongoing war in Ukraine. It has triggered the largest and fast refugee movement that Europe has faced since the end of World War II, with more than 3.5 million of refugees (UNHCR, updated on 21/03/2022) who had to flee their homes and seek for safety, protection and assistance in neighbouring countries (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia).

Guidelines on how to manage crisis

The resources are part of the results deriving from the five-year Migrants in Countries in Crisis (MICIC) Initiative co-chaired by the Governments of the United States and the Philippines. MICIC was conceived to address migrants' specific conditions of vulnerability and increase the ability of States, international organisations, private sector actors and civil society to prepare for and respond to the needs of migrants in countries affected by conflicts or natural disasters, including by protecting their rights and dignity and by alleviating suffering they might experience.

The MICIC Guidelines to Protect Migrants in Countries Experiencing Conflict or Natural Disaster (MICIC Guidelines) are voluntary, non-binding, targeted suggestions to promote better protection of migrants in countries experiencing crises.

Different stakeholders can use the MICIC Guidelines to inform and shape crisis preparedness, emergency response, and post-crisis action and in complement to existing legal frameworks addressing protection of refugees and stateless persons. Download the Guidelines here.

Ongoing MIEUX+ projects on crisis management

MIEUX+ is also working with partner countries in the EU Neighbourhood on projects related to crisis management. For instance, in Georgia, collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs started on an Action that will strengthen crisis planning and response capacities of Georgian consular staff and diplomats for improved assistance to nationals abroad.

More projects are in the pipeline, stay tuned for more information!

The crisis in Ukraine as seen by ICMPD Expert Voices

ICMPD has also developed a series of expert’s voices on the migration crisis that was led by the ongoing war in Ukraine. Please see below couple of resources and check this website for more news and information: