MIEUX+ is looking for experts for new Actions

Group work during the 2018 Regional Knowledge Sharing Roundtable in Bangkok
Group work during the 2018 Regional Knowledge Sharing Roundtable in Bangkok

MIEUX+ debuted in April 2020 and received expressions of interest for capacity building activities from authorities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and the EU Neighbourhood. After a few months of preparation, activities are set to resume in the last quarter of 2020, both on-site and virtually. Migration experts with different areas of expertise are invited to register their profile on the MIEUX+ Expert Roster or to update their profile if already registered. Visit our FAQs to know more about the general terms of employment.

New phase, new Actions

The first set of Actions starting in late 2020 will be the continuation of previous projects undertaken in Costa Rica, and Mexico and are described below. The profile for the experts is available below and in the current call for expertsThis call will be updated on a rolling basis as new requests are processed. We advise interested parties to check back regularly, as new opportunities for collaboration will arise in the coming months.

Sharing EU knowledge through peer-to-peer Actions

Since launching operations in 2009, MIEUX has provided an open and much-needed facility to request capacity building activities and EU expertise, allowing sharing of knowledge and practices between practitioners in all areas of migration, enhancing migration governance at various levels.

Between 2009 and 2019, MIEUX has deployed 340 experts worldwide, who have collaborated on the formulation of public policies, conducted training programmes, and enabled knowledge exchange between public institutions worldwide.

This dedicated group of professionals is at the heart of every MIEUX Action; it is worth noting that 97% have valued their experience as beneficial to their careers.

  • Register or update your profile in the MIEUX Expert Roster
  • Visit our FAQs to know more about the general terms of employment.
  • For greater insight into the experiences of former experts, read the interviews in our series Expertise.