Assisting Mexican partners in accompanying and communicating with migrants during health-related crisis

MIEUX+ has recently completed its fourth Action in Mexico supporting the National Migration Institute (INM) with the effective management and coordination of assistance to migrants during health-related crisis.

As part of this project, MIEUX+ supported the INM in creating communication materials to inform migrants and INM civil servants about health measures. Video, posters and banners are now displayed at the 32 INM regional offices throughout the Mexican territory and published online on official social media channels.

Launched in 2020, the project in Mexico builds on results from the previous MIEUX Action implemented between 2019 and early 2020. The main novelty of this collaboration with the INM was the support to the conceptualisation and design of communication materials targeting migrants  during a health emergency. 

In addition, we supported the INM in issuing guidelines for their civil servants to be applied in the regional offices  during health emergencies, with a focus on the  COVID-19 crisis.

The importance of communications in times of crises

This project is one among a string of requests we received from partners who needed support to adapt their procedures according to the new needs brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the INM wanted to tailor their information tools to assist migrants more efficiently during health-related crises by spreading these communication materials across their 32 regional offices around Mexico.

To understand our partners’ needs and explore possibilities for dissemination, we held a number of consultations with INM offices, international organisations, national authorities, Consulates accredited in Mexico, and civil society.

Based on this preliminary phase, the following concrete deliverables were identified as priority: first, short videos on the key health measures to adopt when visiting a regional office; second, a short video for the INM staff working in local offices; and third, printed materials.

Expanding the project’s mandate

By adopting the Team Europe approach, we ensured that the communication materials represented the diversity of the migrants supported in the regional offices, and that the measures were applicable not only to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but also other potential health crises.
When it came to the production of materials, it was  crucial to work with a Mexican communications agency to create tools to reflect the trends, expectations and usage of the main target audiences, whilst being inclusive, informative and timeless.
The final result was a series of entertaining videos and printed materials with content that can be repurposed for other health-related crises.

The materials are now available on the INM channels, and our partners are fully equipped to share them in their regional offices and online through their social networks. As a result, migrants in Mexico are now better informed about the key health measures to follow in times of a sanitary crisis.

With this project, we could see the importance of addressing our partners’ needs in light of the emergency context related to the COVID-19 pandemic and innovating in our deliverables by using information and technology tools.

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