Madagascar I: Drafting of diaspora engagement policy

Key facts

Requesting authority: Directorate of Diaspora (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Experts involved: France (public official and NGO)
Time Frame: July 2017 - early 2019


The overall objective of this Action is to contribute to the current efforts of the relevant Malagasy authorities to effectively manage migration through the development of a diaspora engagement policy.

Specific objectives:

  1. Provide the necessary expertise, and equip the most relevant stakeholders with approaches and methods in drafting the diaspora engagement policy and its necessary components in a sustainable and inclusive manner
  2. Expose various actors involved in migration to various good practices in harnessing the development potential of diaspora investments (financial and non-financial)
  3. Enhance the capacities of the Malagasy authorities to reach out to their diasporas in a more effective manner and build trust


Activity 1: Fact-finding mission and debriefing roundtable

Activity 2: Workshop on diaspora issues and reflections on methodology

Activity 3: Workshop on outreach strategies and trust-building + 2 day-drafting session followed by remote support

Activity 4: Diaspora Roundtable and Study visit to another African country with a similar context

Activity 5: Drafting session and workshop on the inclusion of transversal issues followed by remote support

Activity 6: Diaspora Roundtable and awareness-raising session in the EU followed by remote support

Activity 7: Workshop on the finalisation of the policy and the roadmap for implementation

Results and outputs


  1. Strengthening and building of trust with the national diaspora by opening up communication channels
  2. Key measures that will foster diaspora engagement with the aim of supporting the development of the country and the implementation of wider development strategies are set in motion 
  3. The relevant knowledge of 25 national authorities is enhanced on key aspects of diaspora engagement through the exchange of experiences with partner countries that have already acquired significant know-how in this particular field
  4. Further opportunities for enhancing the synergies between migration and sustainable development are identified, and complementarities with existing initiatives are sought
  5. More solid contact will be built with other countries on the continent through a study visit 


  1. At least 40 members of the diaspora are involved in the drafting of the strategy, either by participating in the sessions or by contributing electronica
  2. A set of recommendations for practical and policy-related measures to be developed in the field of migration management, and more specifically for diaspora engagement, are formulated
  3. One study visit to another African State
  4. A comprehensive, targeted and inclusive Diaspora Engagement Policy is drafted
Located in: Diaspora affairs