Horizontal Interventions Horizontal Interventions
Completed Completed

Specific area: HO - Data Management

Duration: August 2009 - March 2010

Experts involved: Belgium, France, the Netherlands

Migration is one of the most important social and economic phenomena affecting Armenia. Emigration of Armenians, due to reasons including conflict, natural disaster and economic motives, is a massive scale phenomenon. With its location at the crossroads between Europe and the Near East, Armenia is increasingly becoming a transit point for irregular migrants, including trafficking in human beings and asylum seekers, trying to reach Western and Central Europe.

In this context, the State Migration Service of the Republic of Armenia requested assistance from MIEUX to support to the State Migration Service and other relevant authorities in enhancing the national migration information management system, and in finalising the national strategy on migration with a special focus on data management.

This Action resulted in recommendations on improving the migration information management
provided to national entities as well as the enhancement of capacities and capabilities of the relevant Armenian authorities to better manage migration and develop national evidence-based migration policies improved.