Mexico II: Seminars on International Protection and Integration

Key facts

Requesting authority: National Institute of Migration and Migration Policy Unit, both under the Secretariat of the Interior
Experts involved: Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Malta, Spain, Ireland
Time Frame: January 2017-December 2018


  1. To strengthen the efforts of the Mexican Government on the identification and suitable protection of migrants in need of international protection (Component 1: Asylum and international protection).
  2. To build and further develop the Mexican integration system for immigrants by knowledge transfer of EU practices (Component 2: Integration of immigrants including refugees).
  3. To enhance inter-agency cooperation and coordination in the field of asylum and integration (both components).


 Activity 1

Identification mission and knowledge exchange session on the EU common asylum system (with a specific focus on unaccompanied minors) and framework for the integration of third-country nationals

 Activity 2.1

Seminar on International Protection and the role of first-contact officials in access to the asylum procedure in Tapachula, at the border with Guatemala

Activity 2.2

Workshop on interviewing children and vulnerable persons applying for asylum

Activity 3

Workshop on evidence assessment for Asylum Applications

Activity 4

Workshop on Exclusion from International Protection

Activity 5

Seminars on the labour market (re-)integration of migrants and migration and health

Activity 6

Seminars on (re-)integration of migrant children into the education system and family reunification

Activity 7

Study visit to Spain and Austria for selected actors within main institutions dealing with refugees and integration of immigrants

Results and outputs


The various activities improved the knowledge, understanding and skills of 755 participants in the area of (re-)integration of migrants and international protection, in particular, of staff members of the National Commission for Refugee Assistance and Migration Officers of the National Institute of Migration.

During the various seminars on (re-)integration of migrants, the Mexican and EU MS stakeholders shared common challenges, lessons learnt and good practices on labour market integration of migrants, access to health, (re-)integration of migrant children into the education system and family reunification.

Activity 5 and 6 allowed the Migration Policy Unit to raise awareness on the Special Migration Programme (2014-2018) among the participants (in particular representatives of sub-national level). As a result of the study visit, the participants shared a comprehensive report including recommendations and good practices applicable to the Mexican context within the Secretariat of the Interior.


"MIEUX interventions are very relevant in terms of raising awareness of important issues and creating a platform where a variety of stakeholders can discuss how they can improve their joint effort to address them, using specific elements from EU experience that can prove to be inspiring and relevant for the local context."