Mexico II: International Protection and integration

Key facts

Requesting authority: Secretariat of the Interior (SEGOB) and National Institute for Migration (INM)
Experts involved: Austria, Belgium
Time Frame: January 2017 - June 2018


Overall objective

Enhance capacities of the Mexican migration authorities and their partners to better manage migration

Specific objectives

  • To strengthen the efforts of the Mexican Government on the identification and adequate protection of migrants in need of international protection (Component 1: Asylum and international protection).
  • To build and further develop the Mexican integration system for immigrants by knowledge transfer of EU practices (Component 2: Integration of immigrants including refugees).
  • To enhance inter-agency cooperation and coordination in the field of asylum and integration (both components).


Activity 1: Identification mission and Knowledge Exchange Session on the EU Common Asylum System 

Activity 2: Seminar on Access to the Asylum Procedure

Activity 3: Workshop on Exclusion from International Protection

Activity 4: Workshop on Evidence Assessment for Asylum Application

Activity 5 and 6: Seminars on (re-)integration of migrants

Activity 7: Study visit of the Mexican Delegation to Austria and Spain

Results and outputs

  • Strengthening of the capacities of Mexican authorities in migration management by enriching understanding, capacities and skills of institutions directly involved in caring for the migrant population;
  • Enrichment of the Mexican migration officials capacities and skills in all pertinent aspects of pressing migration issues, namely: international protection and integration of immigrants (including refugees and forced returnees);
  • Enhancement of the  inter-agency coordination of migration management.