Malawi III: Malawi Diaspora Engagement Policy and Action Plan

Key facts

Requesting authority: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Experts involved: Private consultants (Ireland, United Kingdom)
Time Frame: June 2014-February 2016


To support the formulation of the Malawi Diaspora Engagement Policy and Action Plan for implementation, as well as to facilitate the government’s efforts to reach out to Malawi’s diaspora for policy consultations.


Activity 1: Fact-finding mission

Activity 2: Information session on mapping diaspora geography, size and economic potential, and de-briefing on the development of a Diaspora Policy

Activity 3: Information session on fostering sustainable links between the diaspora and Malawi government, and 2nd de-briefing on developing the Diaspora Engagement Policy

Activity 4: Consultative meetings on the Diaspora Engagement Policy with the Malawian Diaspora in EU and study visit to Ireland

Activity 5: Session on tools and means for launching and enhancing diaspora engagement, and drafting support meeting on Diaspora Engagement Policy

Activity 6:  Study visit to Ethiopia and consultations with the Ethiopia-based Malawian diaspora  

Activity 7: Workshop to finalise the Malawian Diaspora Engagement Policy and formulate Action Plan for implementation.

Results and outputs


Development of inter-institutional and private/public co-operation for diaspora policy development

  • Stronger links and improved communication with the diaspora
  • Strengthening knowledge base on diaspora issues and drafting skills of the Diaspora Engagement Unit


  • National Diaspora Engagement Policy and corresponding Action Plan

Martin Russell Biog (1)

"MIEUX has been a vital vehicle in which I have developed a better critical and practical understanding of the migratory phenomenon."

Dr. Martin Russell, Associate Director of Diaspora Matters, MIEUX expert in Malawi