Armenia: Data Management

Key facts

Requesting authority: State Migration Service
Experts involved: Belgium, France, the Netherlands
Time Frame: August 2009-March 2010


Provide support to the State Migration Service and other relevant authorities in enhancing the national migration information management system and in finalising the national strategy on migration with a special focus on data management.


Activity 1: Fact-finding mission;

Activity 2: Seminar on EU standards and practices on migration data collection and management, and one round table on migration policies; 

Activity 3: Formulation of recommendations on the elaboration of the national migration strategy and improvement of migration data management. 

Results and outputs

  • Recommendations on improving the migration information management provided to national entities; 
  • Capacities and capabilities of the relevant Armenian authorities to better manage migration and develop national evidence-based migration policies are improved.

Located in: Data management