MIEUX team

Claudia Leal Madruga
Associate Project Officer

Claudia joined the team in March 2021 and since then has been supporting MIEUX+’s activities in West and Central Africa as well as Latin America and the Caribbean. She is in charge of implementing MIEUX Actions in these regions and of coordinating the reception and handling of requests by partner authorities. Claudia is also working on the MIEUX reporting and experts processes, including our Expert and Action Roster. A Portuguese national, she studied international affairs in Scotland and the United States and she holds a master’s in International Security with a concentration on human rights from SciencesPo Paris. During her studies she became interested in contemporary transnational issues such as human trafficking, food security and migration.

Before MIEUX, she was involved in research and teaching with think tank Political Observatory, high-level politics and discussions with the Portuguese Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Vienna, and lastly, at INTERPOL, in combatting human trafficking along migration routes through the development and implementation of regional and global initiatives aimed at developing the capacity of the law enforcement community.

Languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish

Topics of interest: irregular migration, human trafficking, unaccompanied minors and gender

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