Partnering with a wide variety of actors, Migration EU eXpertise (MIEUX) has shared European expertise in all areas of migration, enhancing migration governance at various levels. Since the creation of the initiative in 2009, hundreds of experts have participated in MIEUX’s Actions in the world, sharing their experience, expertise and practices with our partners. The success of MIEUX Actions depends on the ability of our experts to share experience and good practices in a meaningful way with our partners and this tool aims to support them in their work.

In this interview, Megan Pilli, MIEUX+ Capacity Development Specialist, shares with us more insights about the Digital Toolkit. We invite all of the experts to explore the toolkit and send us their feedback via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is the Digital Toolkit for Experts?

MIEUX+ experts are playing a critical role in EU cooperation with partner countries by participating in capacity development activities, exchanging knowledge and helping to build skills with their peers in other countries. To support them in their work, we designed the Digital Toolkit for Experts that provides an introduction to the initiative, modules on training and facilitation as well as on adapting face-to-face training activities to online formats. The Toolkit is an interactive, quick reference for MIEUX+ experts and it is now available on the MIEUX+ website in English. French and Spanish versions will be available next month. Based on expert feedback we will continue to expand the toolkit and include new tools.

What inspired the design of the new Digital Toolkit?

Training is one of the primary methods used in MIEUX+ capacity development Actions, but capacity development is more than a series of trainings, it is a transformative and collaborative process. MIEUX+ experts are at the heart of this approach, which is based on a peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and practice.

Ensuring that trainings are context-oriented and impactful requires actively bridging the gap between EU experience and local contexts, from design to implementation. This means that, in addition to specific professional and subject matter expertise, the role of a MIEUX+ expert often requires specific skills in training and facilitation. While it is important to present EU practices to our partners, we know that real learning and change happens when we can also incorporate interactive and experiential training methodologies that encourage participants to actively reflect and engage with the material. 

To help bridge the divide between expert and trainer, building on the extensive experience of MIEUX+ with mobilising experts and organising trainings, this online toolkit was designed to provide support on how to deliver great trainings. The module on training and facilitation provides guidance on these practices, along with tools and templates in the module on training and facilitation.

What about online training?

Conducting online trainings is relatively new to many of us, but a reality we face more and more often as we move ahead in the current context of COVID-19. To support experts who may have limited experience in designing and leading online training sessions we included a module on adapting face-to-face activities to online training. The module provides a quick and practical overview of key terms, techniques and steps to be taken when designing an online activity, as well as a list of digital tools and platforms which are used to host and facilitate online trainings.

How can experts use the Toolkit?

Experts can access the digital toolkit on the MIEUX website. It is made up of a series of interactive modules on different topics related to capacity development, such as training and facilitation, but it is not an e-learning course that needs to be completed or followed in a linear fashion. It is simply an online tool aimed at busy professionals, who can benefit from hands-on support in a simple online format, which can be consulted as needed.

MIEUX works with hundreds of migration experts. Some may want a refresher on adult learning, or some inspiration for engaging exercises for participants. Experts who are new to training may prefer to go through the step by step guide on training design and implementation. This toolkit has been designed as a quick reference for the busy expert.

Where can experts find more information about the Digital Toolkit?

We invite all of MIEUX+ Experts to join us for the launch webinar of the Digital Toolkit on Tuesday 11/05 at 15h (Brussels time, CET) so they can get an introduction to the tools and its functionalities, review the feedback that we have received so far and ask questions about it. Join us: register here!

For all of the MIEUX experts reading us, explore the toolkit and share with us your comments, suggestions and ideas for future modules via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Looking forward to receiving your feedback!


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