MIEUX+ and the Global Forum on Migration and Development

MIEUX+ will be presented at the thirteenth edition of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, taking place online between 18 and 26 January, as an enabler of successful partnerships on migration.

13th Summit and thematic priorities

The thirteenth edition of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) is taking place online between 18 and 26 January 2021 under the overarching title of “The Future of Human Mobility: Innovative Partnerships for Sustainable Development”.

This year’s Summit takes place in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world; the pandemic in itself is one of the main challenges that States will face over the coming years and, as stated during the Opening Ceremony, it has severe consequences for migrants and migration flows, with ramifications extending into labour markets, discrimination, access to public services or remittance flows, among others.

Against this background, and coupled with the ongoing global changes in technology, culture, wealth distribution and demographic shifts, how can States anticipate the scale and impact of these changes, and how can the GFMD foster effective partnerships to deal with them?

Migration Partnerships

The topic of migration partnerships is one among the six thematic priorities as expressed by the Chairmanship’s proposal (available on the GFMD website). MIEUX+, will be presented during the session “Open Space: Migration and Development Partnerships through 2020 and Beyond”, taking place on January 25, 2021 between 12:30 and 15:30 Central European Time. The purpose of this session is to celebrate partnerships that have emerged through the GFMD process through the Migration Labs as well as other separate streams. Only registered participants may attend.

  • First, Alfred Woeger, Senior Project Manager, will give a short presentation about the new MIEUX+ features to GFMD audiences.
  • Second, Oleg Chirita, Head of Global Initiatives, will feature as one of the speakers on “Panel Discussion: Reflections on Partnerships 2020: What Has Worked? What Hasn’t?”, about the 2020 GFMD Partnerships process, assessing lessons learned from 2020 and debating what could be replicated and improved in the upcoming years.

Mutual Learning from Practices

As underlined in the GFMD publication “Engine”, produced with support from MIEUX for the GFMD Summit in Quito, in January 2020, the GFMD has been pivotal in bringing actors together to forge partnerships, exchange practices and advance the thinking on migration and development since 2007.

The eminently practical nature of the GFMD is encapsulated in one of its core components, the Platform for Partnerships, which seeks to provide action-oriented solutions to pressing challenges in the field of migration. The search for practices and the mutual peer-to-peer learning efforts find a new purpose with the implementation of the GCM objectives and SDG goals and targets.

MIEUX (now MIEUX+), as a pioneer global programme active since 2009, understands capacity development interventions as a catalyst for partnerships by building trust and mutual support. Given its lengthy trajectory, it is well placed to offer lessons learnt and inspiration to GFMD government, civil society, business and other stakeholders.

A key resource for those seeking inspiration from MIEUX can be found in the publication “Building Bridges”, launched in December 2020 and available in English, French and Spanish, offering highlights from the first ten years of implementation and 16 case studies from around the world.

MIEUX and the GFMD

MIEUX’s involvement with the GFMD has intensified since 2018, with the organisation of several side events during the 2018 and 2019 Summits as well targeted support to the previous Ecuadorian Chairmanship.


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