10 years of MIEUX in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa and LAC

The joint EU- ICMPD Migration EU Expertise (MIEUX) Initiative has added two new publications to its series of knowledge products. The Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Factsheets are part of the year-long effort by the MIEUX team to review its work and achievements during 2018, after 10 years of promoting cooperation between the EU and partner countries in all areas of migration.

MIEUX and Eastern, Central and Southern Africa

In terms of regional trends in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Africa, the most significant migration flows in the region are displacements due to ongoing conflicts but also due to environmental degradation and climate change.

Since 2009, MIEUX has implemented 22 Actions in the region. The majority of them have focused on irregular migration and THB as well as drafting migration policies and strategies, but have also covered other important areas such as migration data collection and migration and development.

On the latter, there seems to be both a growing recognition and interest from governments to reinforce these links, coupled with an increasing awareness of the need for solid data in order to understand migration processes and to be able to better address it through suitable policies.

Nevertheless, in light of the experience accrued by MIEUX in the region, states would need to continue to pay particular attention to areas like general capacity development, creating evidence-based, coherent and comprehensive sectoral and general migration policies, harnessing the nexus between migration and development through and diaspora engagement.

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MIEUX and Latin America and the Caribbean

Increasing insecurity in the Northern Triangle of Central America and the political crisis in Venezuela have triggered refugee flows of dramatic proportions and renewed efforts to ensure the protection of unaccompanied migrant children and victims of trafficking and smuggling. Along with this, integration and reintegration of returning migrants remain top priorities for governments in a region that benefits from a high degree of regional integration and bilateral cooperation.

MIEUX’s presence in the region has grown gradually since the launch of operations in 2009. Out of the 15 Actions completed or currently ongoing, the majority have focused on human trafficking and, more recently, smuggling of migrants. In 2017 alone, MIEUX implemented 21 activities throughout the region, representing the highest number since the start of operations and a 280% increase from the previous year.

MIEUX envisions a series of avenues to support  safe, orderly and regular migration governance in the region: first, reviving the EU-LAC Dialogue into a permanent and structured dialogue on migration to exchange good practices and exchange of knowledge at bi-regional level, especially in light of common challenges faced by both regions such as the increase of asylum applications; supporting and promoting cooperation protocols and implementation measures for policy frameworks; addressing THB and SOM and protection of vulnerable groups; lastly, ensuring the integration and re-integration of individuals into local communities and societies.

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2008 - 2018: 10 years of MIEUX

In December 2008, the EU and ICMPD signed a partnership agreement that would launch the Migration EU Expertise Initiative. Ten years later, close to 130 countries and regional organisations have benefitted from MIEUX’s range of capacity building activities. Throughout 2018, MIEUX will reflect on how it has contributed to strengthening capacities to manage, develop, implement and evaluate migration in partner countries while fostering and advancing cooperation and coordination between multiple partners.

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