This week MIEUX is launching a new Action to support the General Directorate of Migration of Dominican Republic in conceiving, drafting and launching a national awareness-raising campaign about regular migration, targeting an estimated 250 000 individuals in need of renewal of documentation.

Following the adoption of a National Regularisation Plan of foreigners (PNRE) residing in Dominican Republic in June 2014, close to 250,000 immigrants were regularised during the following 12 months and issued with temporary permits. With the first permits expiring in July 2017, the Government spotted a need to reach a targeted audience through a communications campaign that would encourage high rates of renewal procedures.

To kick off the activities, MIEUX Project Officer Mr. Alfred Woeger joins a delegation of two experts from Argentina and Spain in Santo Domingo to hold a series of roundtable discussions with all the main actors involved in this campaign, such as the General Directorate of Migration, the Ministry of Interior and Police, the Ministry of Labour, the National Institute of Migration, among others.

Also, the team of experts will hold a seminar to share the experiences and Lessons Learnt of several EU Member States and of Argentina in launching wide-scale regularisation programmes. These past experiences will allow General Directorate of Migration of Dominican Republic in drafting a course of action for the campaign that is best suited to the needs of migrants.

As Mr. Woeger stated, “We are delighted to be here again supporting the Government of the Dominican Republic. Their commitment and vision will guide us in delivering a well-rounded, targeted and effective Action”.

These activities are the first of a total of six steps.  In a bid to multiply the reach and effectiveness of the new campaign, expected to launch in early 2018, MIEUX will seek to involve a wide range of national actors, employers, civil society organisations and international organisations along the process. This is the second time that the Government of the Dominican Republic has requested assistance from MIEUX, and part of the portfolio of activities that MIEUX is implementing to support governments in the region in the area of legal migration.


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