Kenya II: Standard Operating Procedures on data collection, analysis and sharing

Key facts

Requesting authority: Immigration Services (Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government)
Experts involved: Estonia, Malta, Italy
Time Frame: May 2017 - March 2020


To support Kenyan authorities in creating mechanisms for improved migration data management and sharing at national and regional levels through a 2-step approach.

Step 1

Assess the current situation related to migration management in Kenya and, more specifically, migration data management in the light of existing mechanisms and taking into account other initiatives which support Kenya.

Step 2

  • To support the efforts of various data producers and users from Kenya to manage and disseminate data and statistics on migration, and to improve cooperation among them, especially for the members of the NCM.
  • To support the development of SOPs on data collection, analysis and sharing.
  • To improve knowledge about and facilitate cross-border movements by strengthening data collection and analysis at border crossing points.
  • To provide support to Kenya to honour regional commitments to data sharing


Step 1

Activity 1: Comprehensive fact-finding mission and a joint meeting with all entities concerned

Step 2

Activity 2: Workshop on migration data collection, and EU and international migration data standards and guidelines, and brainstorming session on the SOPs

Activity 3: Drafting session on the SOPs

Activity 4: Remote assistance for developing and finalising the SOPs

Activity 5: Finalisation and presentation of the SOPs

Activity 6: Knowledge exchange workshop targeting border management officials on  the use of migration data for intelligence purposes and criminal data processing

Results and outputs


An assessment report on migration management and, more particularly, on migration data management is drafted and made available

Recommendations are formulated for practical measures to be developed in the field of migration data management

Further opportunities are identified and synergies with existing initiatives are sought


  • SOPs on data collection, analysis and sharing
  • Increased knowledge on the use of migration data for intelligence purposes and criminal data processing among border agency staff.
  • Development of a Road Map for better collection, analysis and processing of data at Border Crossing Points.

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